There are seven different methods for obtaining Cypriot citizenship. With these seven different methods, you can apply for TRNC citizenship and obtain Cypriot citizenship.


1. TRNC citizenship through Cypriot origin parents

2. Obtaining TRNC citizenship by law

3. Naturalization by adoption

4.Being a TRNC citizen by birth

5.Cypriot citizenship by marriage

6. Acquiring TRNC citizenship by the decision of the Ministry

7. Obtaining citizenship exceptionally by the decision of the Council of Ministers

These seven different procedures are the methods determined by the laws.

By buying real estate in the TRNC, you can get a residence permit, not citizenship.

It is considered sufficient to be of legal age and to have resided in Cyprus for 5 years in order to acquire Cypriot citizenship.

In this way, the transition to Cypriot citizenship is ensured, and this issue is ensured by law. During the five-year period, the person must have left the island for a maximum of 40 days.

For those left out of more islands, the process begins with a renewal. Thanks to the conditions to be met, you can become a citizen of Cyprus and benefit from all public and international rights provided to the citizens of the country. After gaining Cypriot citizenship, all the rules, sanctions and opportunities applied in the country will now apply to you as well. While there may be different transitions at this stage, information may be requested from the consulates for these.

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