Prices are determined in Euros.

Once you’ve selected the property you want to buy, we’ll also prepare a detailed payment plan so you know exactly how much and when you’ll pay for that property.

Expenses Arising When Buying Real Estate in Montenegro

Title Deed Transactions

All title deed transfer transactions in Montenegro are made through a notary. The sales contract, management contract and building management contract are prepared. An interpreter is used for these operations. The interpreter charges EUR 50 per contract. If you want to give a power of attorney to a representative in Montenegro instead of carrying out the transactions yourself, the equivalent of this service is 250 euros. Notary expenses according to price ranges for the sales contract are stated below.

  0 Euro –     5.000 Euro70 Euro
  5.001 Euro –   20.000 Euro120 Euro
20.001 Euro –   40.000 Euro170 Euro
40.001 Euro –   60.000 Euro250 Euro
60.001 Euro –   80.000 Euro300 Euro
80.001 Euro – 120.000 Euro350 Euro

For transactions over EUR 120,000, an additional fee of EUR 10 is charged for every EUR 15,000.

VAT (Value Added Tax)

Value Added Tax (VAT): VAT rate is 21%. This amount is paid by the construction company, it is included in the sale price. It does not create a cost to the receiving party.

Lawyer Fee

We recommend that you complete your process with a lawyer who is specialized in title deed transfers with zero error in the sale of real estate to foreigners.

Agent Fee

There is no buyer commission for the purchase of first-hand property.

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