Prices are determined in Turkish Lira and are average prices. It is shared to give ideas.

After selecting the property you want to buy, we will also prepare a detailed payment schedule so that you know exactly how much and when you will pay for that property.

Costs When Buying Real Estate in Turkey

Real Estate Valuation Report Fee

In sales to foreigners, an appraisal report stating the value of the real estate before the title deed transfer is mandatory. The cost of the CMB (Capital Market Board) approved appraisal report varies depending on the city and the complexity of the property. Completion of the appraisal report takes approximately one week.

Title deed

Not less than the declared value of the real estate declared by the relevant municipality, a title deed fee of 20 per thousand is collected separately for the seller and the buyer over the declared value for sale.

The Working Capital Fee, which is also requested in the title deed, is 582.50 TL as of May 2022. (It varies according to the local coefficient applied in the place where the real estate is located.)

Agent Fee

According to the regulation, the real estate agent’s fee is 4% + VAT of the sales price, and this rate can be collected from the buyer or seller, or it can be taken completely from one of the parties.

Translator and Power of Attorney Fees

When signing your deeds, you will need a certified translator. Translator and Power of Attorney fees vary according to the language and length of the content.

Home Insurance and DASK

By law, it is obligatory for every house to have earthquake insurance, DASK. The amount of home insurance depends on the size of your property.

Annual Property Tax

Many homes have to pay annual property tax, which is 0.2% in metropolitan municipalities and 0.1% in non-metropolitan areas. Commercial real estate pays 0.4% in urban areas and 0.2% in non-metropolitan areas. When signing the deeds, the seller must make sure that he does not owe property taxes.

Lawyer Fee

We are experts in real estate sales to foreigners and in title deed transfers with zero error. However, since the citizenship process is a more detailed process, we recommend that you complete your process with a lawyer.

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